Folder History

The Folder History section is controlled from the Folder History toolbar.
(b) shows the currently selected folder, all the following tabs work with it. To work with a different folder; select the Computer where the folder is located with (a), select the folder from the drop down list (b) and press (c) to select. Press (d) to see a list of scans (and basic information) for the selected computer and folder [(a) and (b)].
Every time a folder or drive is scanned Xinorbis saves its vital statistics so they can be compared to future scans.
The Folder History tab allows you to see how the folder/drive has changed over time.
For each scan Xinorbis stores; Number of files, number of folders, combined size of files, magnitude details and the quantity / size of each of the fifteen categories (programs, graphics etc.).
Xinorbis also stores details of every file that's scanned so that detailed analysis of the folder or drive is possible.