Importing CSV data

Xinorbis allows you to process data that has been created with other applications, as well as those created by Xinorbis. CSV files can be created from many other applications and therefore it makes it a common choice.
There is no single specification for how a CSV (comma seperated values) file should be laid out for the purposes of storing file data. The CSV format only specifies how the data should be stored, not in what order or format!!!
That's where the import system comes in;
The Xinorbis import CSV data screen allows you to tell Xinorbis the structure of the CSV file you wish to import.
To make it easier to decide which field of the file contains which data, Xinorbis will show you the first item of data available for each field. From this it should be easy to decide how to import the data.
For each item of data in the file you can decide whether it is;
Full file path; e.g. c:\some directory\somefile.txt
File size (in bytes); e.g. 10000 (this field has to be a number with no other characters in it, only 0-9)
File date (dd/mm/yyyy); e.g. 17/04/1975
File date (mm/dd/yyyy); e.g. 04/17/1975 (US style date format)
File path; e.g. c:\some directory\
File name;: e.g. somefile.txt
If the CSV file you wish to import contains data that Xinorbis doesn't need (such as modified data, in the above image) then setting that field to ignore will ensure Xinobis ignores it.
Only the file name is mandatory, all of the rest are optional but will result in inaccurate reports if they are missing. If no size value is given then all files are treated as 1 byte.
If the CSV file you wish to import contains a "title" or "header" record as its first record (as in the above example), the you can stop Xinorbis trying to process this as though it's file name data by checking the "Ignore first record" tick box. This first record is often added as it can be useful when importing the data in to Excel as it acts as column titles.
Xinorbis supports importing from the first seven fields, all of the rest are ignored automatically. Most programs that create the sort of data that you'd want to import in to Xinorbis (such as XYplorer) allow you to customise their output, so this shouldn't be a problem.