Folder Properties -> Folders

Similar to the Table view it shows how each of the directories with the search path constitues the given search. The graph below the table gives this information in an easy to read form.
Click the More Detail button (or double click a row in the table) to get a detailed view of the contents of the highlighted directory. Selecting the root directory '\' will show a detailed view of the analysed directory. Click here for more information on the More Detail display.
Use the filter drop down menu to filter the graph results, show only those results where the percentage of files (either by size or quantity) in each directory is greater than 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 10% or 15%. This can be very useful for making the graph easier to read if you have many directories listed that only contain a small amount of files.
Right mouse button on any directory listed in the table to bring up the following popup menu:
From top to bottom;
Show more detail on the selected folder
Analyses the highlighted drive (you can't analyse the root '\' directory!)
Open the selected folder in Windows Explorer
Copy the table to the clipboard