Folder Properties -> Table

Simple display of how all file categories are spread around the drive/directory. Displayed in size form (how the combined size of the files make up the drive) and quantity form (how many of the separate files make up the drive).
The second table on the Table tab displays the number of files that were found to be set as hidden, system, archive, read only, created today, accessed today or modified today and those files of null (zero) length.
Double-clicking on either table will automatically open the search tab and list all files belonging to the highlighted category or file type.
Right click on the left hand table to open a popup menu with the following functions options;
Export all of the file details of the selected category to a CSV file (thse can be imported in to Microsoft Excel, as well as many others applications).
Add all of the files from the selected category to a zip (compressed) file.
Copy the table to the clipboard.