February 8th 2020

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The search functions/parameters cover six different areas:
Use these to search for specific files or folders (or both) by name or by those containing some specific text.
File Name / Path
Use these to search for file names or paths or a specific size or sizes.
File Size
Filter the search results for files above or below a certain size or within a certain range.
File Owner
Contains four functions that can be used to find files that belong to a certain user, or those that don't belong to a specific user or those where the owner contains a specific string of text.
File Date
Find files by created, modified or last accessed date. Search on a specific date or range of dates.
Filter by any of the 19 Xinorbis categories.
File Attributes
Filter by any of the standard Windows file attributes (hidden, system, archive, readonly) plus some special attributes such as "created today".
File History-Specific
A list of search terms that are only available when searching a File History database.