January 12th 2020


Hello, and welcome, to the Xinorbis online help system. This help system is being constantly updated, if you see any errors then get in touch!



Xinorbis is a very powerful hard disk, folder and storage analyser. It uses a sophisticated mix of graphs, tables, and tree displays to give a complete, and unprecedented, picture of the contents of any hard disk, SSD, folder, removable or network drive. In fact, if your PC can see it, Xinorbis can scan it.

Xinorbis makes it easy to see the contents, structure, file distribution, and file composition of any attached storage device. It includes fully customisable report generation in ASCII, CSV, HTML and XML. Check out the  Features and  Screenshots pages for more information.

Xinorbis supports seamless integration with SQlite3 or ODBC for its Folder History data archive (Pro version). A feature that makes it easy to compare the contents of a hard drive or folder at any time or date.

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Please spend the time to look around the help, the main sections are available on the contents page (to the left). Xinorbis is a powerful tool that gets more useful as you learn more about it!