Combine Multiple Paths dialog

The combine dialog lets you choose which drive or directory paths to merge into the same report.
(1) Type the directory to add in this box or (3)
(2) Add the chosen directory to the list
(3) Use the directory picker dialog to choose the directory to add
(4) Complete list of drives/directories to compare
(5) Delete an entry from the list
(6) Load a previously saved list
(7) Save the current list of directories to a fil
(8) Scan this list of directories now
(9) Cancel this operation and return to Xinorbis
(10) Open the selected folder in Windows Explorer
When the combine has finished you will have access to the same types of reports and information as when you analyse a single drive/directory. Don't forget that it may take some time to analyse if you add a lot of drives!!!
Click on the Scan button to continue with the analysis or Cancel to cancel the compare operation and return to the application.