Xinorbis is developed by the awesome Maximum Octopus.

Bugs / Suggestions / Feedback
Please email me if you have any suggestions, feedback, or comments regarding Xinorbis. If you are able to translate Xinorbis in to another language then please get in touch.
When sending emails please ensure that the 'subject' is as descriptive as possible. Mention the name and version of the application if applicable. I'm getting more and more spam now, and if the subject isn't immediately noticable then the email may get deleted.
If you are planning on reviewing or featuring any of my applications in your magazine/website/programme/etc. then please let me know. If you would like further information to accompany any articles then please contact me at with "media enquiry" in the subject.
Emails sent to an address other than the above may be deleted automatically by my mail server.



Latest news

June 8th 2019

xinorbis 8.1.13 out now!

April 18th 2019

xinorbis 8.1.12 out now!

April 2nd 2018

xinorbis 8.1.11 out now!