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Xinorbis comes in two versions: Free and Pro. The list below sets out the main differences between the two versions.


Feature description Free Pro
English, Czech, Dutch, French, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, and Russian translation.
32-bit and 64-bit versions
Analyse any hard disk/SSD, folder, removable drive, memory card
HTML reports
CSV reports
Text and Tree reports
Powerful search
Regular updates (featuring new features and fixes)
Folder History database
Folder History data analysis and reports
Folder map display
Duplicate file name and size report
Enhanced folder detail display
File Age reports
X.Robot companion with Folder History database integration
X.Database, and other future tools




Download the Free version

Click the link below to download the latest Free version. It's not time-limited, and gives you access to major features.

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Latest news

May 16th 2018

xinorbis 8.1.7 out now!

April 2nd 2018

xinorbis 8.1.6 out now!

March 1st 2018

xinorbis 8.1.5 out now!